Messed up with pink stains

We removed coffee stains completely.

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SHOEWASH said...

Victor Q. left a comment at Yelp.com below;
So on a recent business trip in Las Vegas, my boss had a bit too much to drink and threw up all over my never-before-worn white suede shoes. Yes, yes, shame on me for wearing white suede shoes but I just went to go watch "Cirque Du Solei, the Beatles: Love" with a coworker and was not expecting to go out drinking at all. Anyway, back to the shoes, which were now stained completely by vomit (quite gross, yes), my boss was willing to replace them for me but even if they cost $200, it didn't matter because this shoe was no longer available anywhere! I was ready to throw them away because I thought they were forever ruined but damn it, I've only worn them once, what a waste! That's when I found the supremely nice Mr. John Bae, a.k.a. Mr. Shoe Wash whom took one look at my shoes and assured me that there was no need to throw this pair of shoes or any other pair I may think is ruined ever again. Two days later, I walk back into the store where he hands me a pair of bright white suede Cole Haan Summer bucks with brick red soles. I was amazed, they were almost like brand new! And the service was just 8 bucks! I could not believe it! Mr. Shoe Wash is absolutely awesome! I definitely recommend you to bring in any shoes, bags, and what not to him!